Fusion & tribal bellydance

We specialise in teaching and performing tribal fusion, improvised tribal style and dark fusion (gothic) bellydance – descriptions are below. From time to time short courses and workshops in other specific styles are held.


This stunning, evolving genre has brought bellydance to a new generation and level of technical skill. It melds the fundamentals of bellydance styles with other dance forms, and is deeply grounded and flowing in the body. Its trademarks are the juxtaposition of serpentine movements with percussive body isolations (locks and pops).

This style is a powerful and beautiful fusion of traditional bellydance with flamenco, folkloric, gypsy and Indian dance. This give a very characteristic poise and carriage, and stronger use of arms and hands than traditional bellydance styles.There are exhilaratingly fast moves, counterpointed by striking fluidity and meditative moments of near stillness. Although sometimes choreographed, it is in essence an improvised dance form with a changing leader who cues movements and combinations to the rest of the group. Bodymind exercises in movement meditation, energy and visualisation are used to tune in together as a unified tribe, moving hypnotically as one.

The Black Moon improvised format uses the basic vocabulary of classic Fat Chance Belly Dance American Tribal Style, as well as our own vocabulary of moves, allowing us to dance with others but also have an individual style